Moose Deer Point
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A Deep and Rich Cultural History

The people of Moose Deer Point are descendants of the Pottawatomi of the American Mid-West. As allies of the British Government, the Pottawatomi responded to an invitation from said Government, to settle in Southern Ontario in the late 1830’s, eventually joining the Beausoleil Band on Beausoleil Island. Later, some members of Beausoleil and some Pottawatomi moved north and established a settlement at Moose Point. The Moose Point Reserve was first surveyed in 1917 and vested by an Order-in-Council the same year.


Our Location and Membership


The Moose Deer Point First Nation is situated within the Township of Georgian Bay, with direct highway access via Highway 400. The community is comprised of a total official land base of 619 acres, with an additional 400 acres awaiting the designation of reserve status. There are three separate parcels of land within the First Nation; King Bay and Isaac Bay have been identified as the residential areas within the community, while Gordon Bay has been established as the commercial, recreational and administration sector.


The total membership of the Moose Deer Point First Nation is 452 (four hundred and fifty two). Of this total, 150 (one hundred and fifty) members reside within the First Nation boundaries. However, total community population is 200 (two hundred) residents.