Moose Deer Point
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Providing Community Services to Our Members

Health Services

The focus of the Community Wellness Worker is to provide family violence prevention services, referrals, support and case management to clients to address existing and emerging health, healing and wellness issues.
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Children Services

Moose Deer Point offers a variety of children services including workshops and daycare.
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Elder Services

Home and Community Care/Community Support. To Assist the elderly population in maintaining their independence within their home environments.
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Offering a variety of educational services to Moose Deer Point's students.
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Social Services

Administration of the social services program to Moose Deer Point's members.
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Recreation Services

Recreation and fitness facilities are offered to residents of all ages.
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Governmental and Essential Services

First Nation Government

As elected by the membership, one Chief and four Councillors govern the Moose Deer Point First Nation. Reporting directly to the Chief and Council, the First Nation Administrator oversees and ensures the effective operation of the First Nation's services, programs and staff.
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Economic Development

The Economic Development Program assists and enables the First Nation and its' members in their efforts to improve, stabilize, and create a vast array of economic development initiatives. Examples of such activities include but are not limited to: business start-up, expansions, job creation, training opportunities, research available funding sources, etc.
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Water Services

Providing potable water that meets the Ontario Drinking Water Standards.
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Fire Department

Provision of fire protection and emergency first response services to the community at large.
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Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all First Nation buildings, properties, minor repairs, minor renovations, etc.
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